Permanent Make-Up

At Kathy Jones Aesthetics we offer a variety of permanent make-up procedures. The first step is an in-depth consultation with one of our professionals, so you can make the best decision for your beauty needs. You can decide the color and look of your *new* eyes, brows and/or lips! Once you have had your consultation, you will be ready for the application. All of our permanent make-up technicians are RNs (Registered Nurses) and will add to your comfort by doing local anesthesia on the area of the application. This benefit keeps the discomfort and swelling to a minimum and aids in the quick recovery process.

What is Permanent Make-up? Permanent make-up is a tattoo (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) which is designed to look like makeup or to enhance a person’s natural features. It is also used to help restore color that has been lost for a variety of reasons including age, chemotherapy, alopecia, or a genetic disturbance. It is also used to restore or enhance the breast’s areola, such as after breast surgery.

We offer the following procedures:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner (upper and/or lower)
  • Full Lips
  • Lipliner

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