Kybella for the Holidays!

Ready to look and feel amazing this holiday season?

It’s summer and you might not be thinking of your Christmas card picture or the work and family holiday parties right now, but if you want to look amazing this coming season, now is a great time to get started.

Say goodbye to your double chin with KYBELLA!

Get 2 treatments for 1 great price! Only $1500!

Now through Thanksgiving, you can save hundreds of dollars on two treatments of Kybella.


  1. Come in for your first treatment of Kybella (you will pay $1500)
  2. Wait 6-8 weeks
  3. Come in for your second treatment of Kybella (no charge, as you have prepaid for both treatments)
  4. Enjoy your amazing results just in time for all the holiday gatherings and pictures!*

*Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does it work? A:Yes, Kybella really works! Every patient with a double chin due to fat in the preplatysmal fat pad (double chin area) will see a reduction in that fat (without surgery!).
  2. Is it permanent? A: The results from your Kybella treatment are permanent. Once the fat cells die, they are metabolized out of your body and do not come back. (Any fat cells that remain in the treated area can get larger when you put on weight–just as all the fat cells in your body do. But because there are fewer cells to become larger in the treated area, you will not put on as much fat in the treated area if you gain weight.)
  3. Does it hurt? A: Patients can experience some discomfort during the Kybella treatment. The product is administered by multiple needle pricks to the area. But the needle is very small and the process only takes less than three minutes. In addition, the treatment area will be topically numbed to lessen the discomfort.
  4. Are there side effects? A: The primary side effects you will notice are swelling and tenderness. This can be noticeable for as little as two days to as long as three weeks. And although it does not happen with most patients, bruising is always a possibility with any injection. The swelling, tenderness and bruising should not keep you from any activity.
  5. Will I have to take time off work? A: No. There are no side effects which would medically keep you from work or enjoying any other activity. But you will want to consider the swelling and possible bruising when scheduling your procedure. You would not want to have the procedure done right before a social event or professional pictures, or any other activity that might make you self conscious. But for the most part, only those who are closest to you would even notice.
  6. How much will I save? A: $400-$2100 depending on how much product is used during your treatment. Your practitioner will decide what the appropriate amount of Kybella should be used during your treatment.
  7. When should I have my procedures if I want the results by the holidays? A: Results from Kybella appear gradually over the weeks after treatment. For results around the holidays (meaning from Thanksgiving through New Year’s), you will want your first treatment to be done in August/September and the second treatment in September/October. The earlier the better. You will want your body to have time to develop the results.