Free Dermaplaning in Covington!

To celebrate the opening of our new Northern Kentucky location in Covington, we are offering a free dermaplaning procedure at your first visit in the new office through the end of the 2019!

What: Free Dermaplaning procedure with Kentucky nurses Connie, Christina & Beth

Where: 120 W. 5th St., Covington, KY 41011

When: Now through the end of the year

Who: New and current patients

Questions about the offer?

We have answers!

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Give us a call at 513-279-2220

Can I get the free dermaplaning in either the Oakley or the Covington office? No, this offer is only for the new Covington office.

Can I choose the nurse for the procedure? This offer is meant to promote the Kentucky nurses Connie, Christina and Beth. The free dermaplanes will be with one of them.

What if I want to be scheduled with Kathy, Olivia or Debbi? Any procedures with these nurses are regular priced.

What if I’ve already been to the Covington office, can I still get the free dermaplaning? Yes! Any patient can get a free dermaplaning at the new office, even if it’s not your first visit.

Can I tell my friends about the offer or do you have to be a current patient? Please tell all your friends! The offer is good for new and current patients.

Do I need a coupon or invitation? No coupon needed! Just mention the offer when scheduling.

How can I make an appointment? Call 513-279-2220, email [email protected], or send a Facebook message.

Do I need an appointment or can I just stop by? While there is the possibility that someone might be available if you stop by, you will need to make an appointment to guarantee availability.

Am I required to purchase anything to get the free dermaplaning? No purchase necessary! If you are interested in skincare products, we do have them available for purchase and you can ask your nurse about them if you would like. But the offer is just to indroduce our new office and our Kentucky nurses to the area, so no purchase is required!

Can I get more than one free dermaplaning procedure? This offer is good for one procedure per patient.